A Better Way to Broadband

Welcome to Bonfire

We are a family of companies that exist to eradicate digital inequity through the power of superior broadband planning, engineering, construction, and fiber operations. We aren’t that formal, so you can just call us Bonfire!
We believe that broadband is for all—not for some. Water, gas and electricity; these aren’t nice-to-haves—they’re essential utilities that are funded at the federal, state and local level. Broadband connectivity is just as crucial.

We moved from just having an idea to having a purpose. That purpose is we believe that every American deserves access to affordable broadband because it makes their lives better. In providing it, we drive the economic health and vitality of communities by increasing job opportunities, improving education and enhancing healthcare.

By utilizing and optimizing existing technologies, embracing innovation, and leading by example, we can transform our digital landscape. Join us, and together we can bring broadband—and opportunity—to every American. And we believe it’s time to get to work.

The Strongest
Backbone—Our People

Bonfire consists of industry veterans, technology experts, and idealistic visionaries all driven by our common purpose and values. From engineers, construction experts, project managers, to GIS, to network operators, our diversity in talent, backgrounds, and experience is what allows us to assess, design, build, and manage better.

Broadband Planning Services

Matching the solution to the goal



Designing broadband networks for the future



Building with safety and community in mind


Fiber Operations

Managing the network to keep life moving