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Supporting Competition and Digital Equity

How We Help

We believe in eradicating digital inequity with infrastructure and services that last for generations. As fervent advocates for the open access approach to broadband, we make our model simple. We build and operate the network in the community to allow for services from broadband to phone, music, movies, and even bundled solutions that incorporate the internet of things (IoT) and automation. We are there to provide the infrastructure and fiber operations maintenance that keeps you always on.

Understanding Open Access

Open access broadband has the potential to revolutionize telecommunications, providing high-speed internet access to underserved areas. The existing models for broadband access have served their purpose within the US. However, by embracing open access along with the increased competition and more choice for the average consumer it provides, we can enter into a new era.

Through open access, the digital divide that separates the privileged from the
underprivileged can be closed as residents in rural areas can access better education, healthcare, and services via the internet, improving the lives of everyone and paving the way for the smart and connected cities of tomorrow.

Why Communities Thrive With Open Access

Increased Competition and Choice

With increased competition, customers have more options regarding broadband providers. They don’t need to be restricted to only cable companies and telecommunications organizations but can select the best service for them.

Future-proof Infrastructure For Smart Cities

Open access facilitates 5G networks, autonomous vehicles, smart grids and traffic management, IoT-infused buildings, and more features of smart cities.

What We Deliver

Engaging the community to prioritize the build

Engineering, permitting, and constructing the network

Bringing ISP’s to the market place

Getting citizens online with options

Monitoring the network from end to end

Sharing insights on broadband usage opportunities

Providing technical support to service providers to ensure what is ordered is what is delivered

Interested in having an open access network in your community?

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Our Open Access Markets

We are proud to be working in multiple markets to bridge the digital divide. To learn more about where we are serving today, watch our informative video and visit the Bonfire Fiber website.