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Plan the work, work the plan

Get The Facts

Communities across the country recognize the importance of broadband networks to support their future viability. They also recognize the amount of Government funding that is available to help them reach their goals.

To future-proof digital infrastructure and set yourself up for success you need to get the facts.

Internet access plays a crucial role in the lives of everyone worldwide. So much so that there is debate as to whether it should be considered a basic human right. Regardless, the current lack of digital equity, particularly in the US where access to technology is surprisingly limited in many areas, makes accomplishing this difficult.

We Help You Get Started

Our Feasibility Study is the “First Step” to getting connected.

Our dedicated team of grant specialists and feasibility experts help our clients determine the best steps forward so they can achieve their goal of connecting more people—this includes:

  • Broadband Feasibility Studies for cities, counties, Tribes, Co-Ops, ISPs, etc.
  • Review all federal and state funding opportunities
  • Create application response and work with grant writing partners to submit grant applications
  • Work with state and local providers to assist with coverage gaps and combine efforts when available
  • Work with partners that provide tax free municipal bonds and other financing options

We then deliver not just information, but insight to let you take a practical and pragmatic next step to help your community and it’s specific needs.

We Keep You Moving

Digital Inclusion means that individual and communities have access to robust broadband connections; Internet-enabled devices that meet their needs; and the skills to explore, create and collaborate in the digital world. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

Beyond just feasibility services, we offer full broadband strategic planning that extends from assessment all the way through build. Using state-of-the-art GIS technology, we provide the headlights to guide you through your unique broadband journey. Our data will show you where the greatest digital inequalities are and provide insights on next steps to better connect residents.

There is never one clear or preferred solution solely based on the data presented in the final report. However, with our findings you can initiate goal-oriented discussions around debt tolerance, service coverage, quality, operational intensity, and more.

All paths to closing the digital divide will have their unique pros and cons. Our research will empower you with the data to make the most informed decisions possible with the input of key stakeholders and your constituents.

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We Keep You Informed

Our CTO, Dr. Dave Cleary, has almost three decades of experience in telecommunications, technology and broadband world. He has been an active member of numerous standardizing bodies including FSAN, ITU-T and the MEF Forum. He has been internationally recognized for his contributions to the GPON standard and has served as co-editor for the ITU’s GPON Transmission Convergence Specification, the GPON Implementation Guide, and the GPON Interoperability Test Plan for PHY and TC Layers.

Yes, we get it. That’s a lot of acronyms and why should you care? When it comes to selecting the right technology to power your community for decades, you want the experience of a team who has helped set the standards, understands what works best in certain environments, and will deep dive into the performance and quality details that you don’t have the time or experience to investigate.

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