Driven by purpose,
Delivery through
our values

Exceeding customer expectations,
because everyone here makes a difference

Our Origin Story

Like most ideas, ours started out with friends, a fire, and a few beers in the beautiful mountains of Colorado. With a passion for technology, broadband, and doing good work for the people that need it, an idea was born. An idea that bringing broadband to more people could be done better. The idea has gone from a spark to a flame, to a roaring bonfire over the years. Like most origin stories, there are surprises, twists, and turns, that keep you on your toes.

We moved from just having an idea to having a purpose. That purpose is We believe that every American deserves access to affordable broadband because it makes their lives better. In providing it, we drive the economic health and vitality of communities by increasing job opportunities, improving education and enhancing healthcare.

We execute on that purpose by gaining the right traction to stay on the right path. We are proud to use the Entrepreneural Operating System (EOS) so our vision, purpose, values, process, and people stay connected. Our customers know we have put the right people in the right seats that have the capacity and desire to serve them.

Our Core Values

From the smallest interaction to the biggest project, our goal is for everything we do to live up to the tenets of our Core Values. We know that what we do everyday determines our reputation, the level of success we achieve, and the positive impact we make towards our purpose. 
We are building something so much bigger than ourselves. We push through with tenacity, no matter the obstacle. Our persistence is our superpower. We each bring unique talents, styles, and skills. Together these things provide a conduit to make us stronger than we could ever be alone.
We are courteous, helpful, and always treat others the way we would want to be treated — at work and in our personal lives. Integrity is at the core of our behavior and relationship with each other. We stretch to be better as a company and individuals in every interaction we have.
We believe diversity in opinion creates better solutions. We think outside the box and encourage truth over harmony when trying to solve a problem. We seek out issues to solve and don’t wait to be told the answer. We use curiosity and ingenuity to bring people together.
If we say we will do it, we deliver. We constantly research and learn new skills so that we can deliver better products and services in fulfilling our purpose. We push ownership at all levels and are masters of our own experience within the business.

Our Proven Process

(Or more simply, how we work with you)

We know that trust is created when something works. Well we try not leave things to chance so we have developed the Bonfire process that every customer experiences, no matter what service we provide to you.

These 6 steps keep us delivering for you and your purpose:

Set Up
For Success

Emphasize relationships— not transactions

Focus on the needs of the customer

Adapt our approach to best address the challenge

Build Strong

Verify the details— before the work begins

Provide insight and recommendations

Align all stakeholders on the expected outcomes

and Listen

Always serve up the right people and processes

Emphasize teamwork at every opportunity

Seek out what’s possible— and where possible, redefine what’s possible

Be Clear and

Provide full visibility into project progress

We put our money where our mouth is—and the buck stops here

Track the

Plan the work, work the plan

Benchmark KPIs

Be accountable at all times and in all matters

Go the
Extra Mile

See the project through to completion—and remain committed beyond

Expect the unexpected, and be prepared to handle it

Be primed for the next engagement

Speak With an Expert About Your Project

Our Fearless Leaders

(and a few of our loyal “co-workers”)

If you want to go somewhere fast, you go alone. If you want to go far, you build a great team. And ours is one of the best. From idealistic entrepreneurs to hardworking engineering and construction professionals, to technologists and thought leaders, our team is experienced, motivated, and setting the standard for how to view the broadband landscape in the 21st century.

Executive Leadership Team

Brian Hollister

Co-founder & CEO

Chris Terch

Co-Founder & COO

Justin Roller

President of Bonfire Fiber

Duke Horan

President of Bonfire E&C

Juli Green


Nick Dinsmoor


Our Loyal Coworkers

(Let’s face it, we can’t get through the day without their help)

Chief Barking Officer


Nature Lover




Head Hunter


Bottom Feeder


Taste Tester


Morale Booster




Most Popular

Chipper & Smoltz

Dynamic Duo


Car Chaser


Pack Leader


Best Looking




Head Honcho




Spirit Lifter


Best Hair


Loyal Teammate


The New Kid on the Block

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